Job Chest Order Calculator

The Mystery Chest reward from jobs will always be in a specific order, rotating from a list of 500 chests. If you record which chests you receive, you can predict which chest you will receive next (and whether it will be an Elder Chest)! You can use this tool to easily work out what chests you will get from your next jobs.

Job Mystery Chest Rarity

Wooden chest: 46%
Silver chest: 46%
Golden chest: 7.6%
Elder chest: 0.4%
Mystery Chest

Find your next chest

To calculate your next job chests, every time you receive a Chest reward from a job, click on the corresponding chest below. The more chests you record, the more accurate this tool becomes.

Chests rotate between a set order of 500 - if you miss or don't record a Chest, you will have to start again.

Wooden Chest
Silver Chest
Golden Chest
Elder chest
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